Our Mission Statement

At World Sport F.C., we are footballers passionate about the beautiful game.

We are looking to develop athletes ages 4 through 18 both on and off the pitch.  With dedicated coaches, a defined strategy to help players advance in technique, and a college-style commitment model.

World Sport F.C. is committed to creating an actionable, effective, and transformative experience for your player.  Using a strategic model that holds both the coach and the players accountable, World Sport F.C. strives to help your player advance toward their personal football goals and aspirations.

Give World Sport F.C. an opportunity to show you our passion with your first training session free of charge, and we believe that the results will be clear in the improved performance of your player.


What is a 'College Style Commitment Model' ?

The general rule of thumb regarding college studying is, and has been for a long time, that for each class, students should spend approximately 2-3 hours of study time for each hour that they spend in class. 

Many students carry a course load of 15 credits, or approximately 15 hours of class time each week.  Doing some simple math indicates that your student should be spending roughly 30 hours of study time and 15 hours in class. 

This 45 hours is the equivalent of a full time job – the reason that your student is called a full time student.